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30 December 2015  /  

Reviving Online Shops After the Holidays

The Christmas holiday season is a time of sales and spending – and it’s not only shopping centres that see increased traffic, online shopping has continued to grow as a preference for many consumers.

Everyone is exhausted with all the shopping as we move towards New Year’s Eve – but we still want to maintain sales traction for our e-commerce businesses. The ennui is palpable; according to an NAB online retail sales index report for last year’s statistics, online sales grew by .8% in December 2014 but by only .3% in January 2015.

We generally see a decline in shopping in November as people save for the holidays, a spike in December, and a slump in January. Rising above that downswing is a goal for any focused retailer. But how do we generate renewed interest in our Magento online shops?

Fear not! It is certainly possible to combat shopping-fatigue. Here are proven techniques for invigorating your online store:

Frontend Enticement

Below are a few ways to enhance your customers’ experience:

  • Add new products to the store and display them prominently to capture the attention of your customers.
  • Refresh the look of the store – make sure to remove your old Christmas sale banner and add fresh one for January. You can also add a bit of new colour or images to liven up the site.
  • Offer a small sale – all discounts are good discounts. These could be limited to a new range of products, doubling up on the excitement their presence brings. A slight discount for the New Year is a simple way to show your customers you are there to serve their needs.
  • Have a clearance sale. You can also use this to move leftover Christmas stocks out of your shop to clear the way for new merchandise. Make sure to advertise it as a Holiday Clearance sale, as vigilant shoppers are always on the lookout for them.

Backend Housekeeping

Essential tips and chores to expand your online store’s functionality:

  • Update product inventory – make sure your stocks are accurate and people who want to buy can Make sure any products that are out of stock are marked as such to avoid customer frustration.
  • Address customer feedback and respond to those who left comments. This goes for both positive and negative feedback.
  • Sort customers into segments for marketing use based on purchase history, discounts used, and location.
  • Update your mailing list.
  • Send a thank you EDM to customers who purchased during the holiday season.

Shopping habits may wane after the Holidays but most people respond well to a slight nudge or reward. Paying careful attention to your market and maintaining both the front and back end of the store can help establish a positive sales trend for the New Year – and chances are if you can convince your customers to buy during the January sales dip you can keep them shopping in the months that follow.