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7 June 2018  /  

SEO & PPC Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2018

At Netable, we firmly believe in continuously enhancing our skill set, by ensuring the learning never stops. As a result, you will often find us working towards new certifications, or attending seminars that discuss the latest developments in the industry that we work in. In line with our approach to continuous learning, our SEO team recently attended the Search Marketing Summit 2018 in Sydney, a search marketing conference in its 11th year. The five day event is a great place for online marketing practitioners to refresh and update their existing skills.


So what were our biggest learnings from this summit? We list our top takeaways for SEO and PPC below:

  • Voice search is set to be the next big thing in SEO. It’s already active and usable on Google, and will witness 50% growth by 2020
  • Another development to keep an eye out for is AMP pages, which has had a huge uptake globally. At present, 66% of search queries in the USA have valid AMP URLs, with a 33% click through traffic on search. With its current growth rate, AMP pages will be huge in the Australian market within the next two years
  • Interestingly, Bing’s search engine is enjoying a certain resurgence in the market, with a 30% increase in its usage in the USA alone. Bing use has grown 20% in the EU too. We believe this is an alternative search engine that businesses must be aware of even in Australia
  • Websites across the world presently publish as many as two million blog posts every day. This is phenomenal growth indicating a 500% increase in marketing efforts, however engagement rate is only at 3%. Despite this, blogs are a great tool for business to establish their authority in the market
  • With 1.32 billion active users, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world. Facebook is expected to become a valuable part of business and marketing strategies in the coming year, achieving goals such as brand exposure, website traffic and lead generation
  • Facebook ads using video are growing in terms of use and performance, with a preference for shorter duration clips, since it takes an average of eight seconds to grab audience attention
  • A/B split testing of PPC marketing advert copy is a growing strategy with proven results. So is the creation of unique ads for different customer segments that includes compelling copy, clear call to action, branding and high quality visuals. As a PPC agency, we also come across the need to test adverts fairly often, making this an important strategy to employ

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