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22 December 2015  /  
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2015 Content Recap: Micro Moments

Earlier this year, Google released hard data related to what they dubbed “micro-moments”, and that means a marked shift in content creation to complement now-proven changes in media consumption. The team at Netable is prepping for the continued upward movement of this trend, and in the year to come we’ll be posting new insights related to the ever-fragmenting digital space.

Micro-Moment Recap – What You Need to Know

  • Hardware: Evolving tech, from mobile phones and tablets to wearables and beyond, have already made web access immediate.
  • Fragmentation: All that new hardware means our attention is fragmented between multiple devices.
  • Cost: Data plan costs go down, web use goes up. More people are online via their phones and can check their apps and websites more often.
  • Likes: Social Media, in all its forms, has given us a wider reach while providing closer connections to the people and things we care about. Frequent access suits the intake of a steady stream of social content.
  • Choices: Decisions are being made using the internet while other tasks are in-progress. We are searching the web/social spheres and acting on our results while out shopping, at work and on public transport.

A Myriad of Moments

In the past, web browsing was regimented; checking email and news in the morning or when home from work was standard. Now, the web is at hand whenever we need it. We check it more often, but we spend less time when we do.

Data shows that we log on about 20% more but spend around 20% less time during each session. At first glance, the timing almost evens out – but maths does not account for changes in behaviour, and that’s what matters for businesses, brands and marketers.

Bottom line: the web isn’t a place we go to for distractions – it’s a place we go to for decisions. In the earlier days of the web this meant premeditated research. Now it means spur of the moment evaluations.

Four Key Micro-Moments

Well-established micro-moments to be aware of

  • I want to Know: People learn through research done in-the-moment. Questions no longer hang in the air. Over 60% of consumers use their mobiles to follow up on television commercials that capture their interest.
  • I want to Go: People prepare for travel and find directions quicker than ever before. They find events and make decisions on where and how to spend their free time while out and about. The modern free spirit does not have to plan in advance.
  • I want to Do: People use their mobiles to find inspiration and directions while doing tasks. People are learning new things online, and can now do so from the palm of their hands – not just at a desk.
  • I want to Buy: People make purchasing decisions and shop whenever and wherever they need to. Over 80% use their mobiles while making in-store decisions. Purchase integration in apps and platforms will increase in 2016.

Momentous Change

With micro-moments in mind, we now have to consider things during development such as the constraints imposed by the size of a wearable’s screen and the decreased attention (and cognition) of a user in the midst of shopping or work.

To optimise our content we must be mindful of how our target audience will consume it. We must enrich, not distract – yet with video and motion on the rise, doing so elegantly is an art unto itself.

Our work must be found quickly and easily, so SEO and smart hashtagging is of prime importance. Our copy must capture hearts and stick in minds. UX designers must shape fast, intuitive experiences and graphic artists have to craft memorable imagery.

Google has shown us that  micro-moments affect all levels of content creation. We must create with the moment in mind, for that is where our audience is – and where they are making decisions.

Learn more about micro-moments with Google: