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9 January 2017  /  

4 tips to create a personalised online shopping experience

Wish you knew what each customer needed and when they need it? Personalise your online store.

Customers today expect personalisation of your marketing strategy – tailored just for them based on their past behaviour and future intentions. Through marketing personalisation, you can create a meaningful shopping experience for each customer resulting in an increase in short-term conversions whilst improving long-term customer relationship.

The key to marketing personalisation is data. To form a complete picture of each customer, you need to understand where they are coming from, what products they are viewing, what products they abandoned, payment methods, shopping habits and general interests.

Magento stores have a variety of tools on offer. Here are some onsite and offsite engagement modules you can use in a Magento website to help capture data and personalise the shopping experience.

1 – Product Recommendation Module

If a customer is looking at a product from a specific brand, using Magento’s product recommendation module you can display other products of the same brand or similar products from different brands. For instance, the Kookaburra cricket bat product page would recommend other Kookaburra merchandise, or cricket bats by brands Gray Nichols or Spartan. You can also display products that are frequently bought together. So on the cricket bat product page, recommend cricket gloves and pads.


2 – Vital Customer Data

Collect specific customer data using customer attributes in Magento. You can collect anything from the date of birth, gender, postcode or even their favourite colour. These will help with customer segmentation to push targeted products based on customer background and interests.

The personalisation and data collection doesn’t have to stop when a customer leaves the website. Continue engaging with them via emails.

3 – Follow up emails & Promotions

Magento has many automated email modules to turn opportunities into sales. Abandoned carts are a disappointing reminder of the potential sales that you almost made but missed. You can send alerts and follow-ups, even offering discounts to customers to return to complete their purchase. Prompt customers to reorder product before they run out. Offer a birthday discount or special celebration promotion to promote customer loyalty.


4 – Offsite Engagement

Magento integrates with popular email marketing tools like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact. You can track customer behaviour, understanding how your campaign performed and how to improve it for better ROI in the future. An email with promotions on cricket bats would have a higher chance of conversion when sent to customers who frequently purchase cricket merchandise or have an interest in cricket.

Connect and engage with each customer at every stage of their online shopping journey. Businesses need to test what works and build a long-term customer relationship and brand loyalty through personalised marketing.

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