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25 January 2017  /  
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5 Things to Know About the Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads

 1. What are Expanded Text Ads?


Google officially launched the Expanded Text Ads on 26 July 2016. This is one of the biggest changes that Google has made to text ads since its launch. From 1st Februrary 2016, all new ads created will have to be in the new format. There will be no direct penalty for not using the new ad format, however, you will be missing out on alot of the additional benefits of the expanded text ads.

Structure of the new Expanded Text Ads

  • Have 2 bigger headlines and one extra-long description
  • Includes 2 optional path fields that can be used with display URLs
  • Nearly two times larger than current standard text ads
  • Can be shown across all devices – desktop, tablet and mobile, unlike the standard text where separate ads need to be made for mobile devices. See an exmple below where the new ad format automatically wraps the text based on device type.

Expanded Text Ads – Desktop Version

Expanded Text Ads – Mobile Version

Expanded Text Ads are aimed at maximising the presence and performance on mobile search results and are designed for a “mobile first” world. Google is placing more importance on mobile ads since mobile interaction rates and searches have increased in recent times.

2. Expanded Text Ads Vs Standard Ads

Here we explain and illustrate what a standard and expanded text ads look like.

Standard Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads

Element Standard Text Ads (Current) Expanded Text Ads (New)
Headline Length 25 characters maximum 30 characters maximum
Number of Headlines 1 2
Description Length 35 80
Number of Description Lines 2 1
Total Character Length 95 maximum 140 maximum
Display URL Manually added Domain automatically added from final url
Path Fields 0 2
Device Format Ads required for mobile Automatically wrapped

3. Impact of Expanded Text Ads

  • Expanded Text Ads provide more information and visibility with an increased character count of 140
  • Expanded Text Ads tend to receive more CTR (click-through rate) and early reports are indicating an increase of approximately 20%
  • The longer, double headlines make the ad more prominent by displaying in bold
  • Expanded Text Ads occupy more real estate space on the search results page
  • Running alongside standard text ads, tend to stand out more and demand better attention

4. Migrating to the new Expanded Text Ads?

Standard text ads can be migrated to Expanded Text Ads in several ways. You can Copy and Edit directly within the account, or Bulk Editing using the AdWords Editor version 11.5, or by using API.

The following are some of the recommended best practices when creating Expanded Text Ads:

  • Create multiple versions of the ad – ideally 3-5 versions and test them
  • Make the most out of the new 140 character limit
  • Get the best out of new extended headlines using a compelling call to action.
  • Get insights from successful standard text ads and implement them
  • Keep the standard text ads along with new Expanded Text Ads. Monitor them periodically and pause standard text ads when Expanded Text Ads outperform
  • Include call to action and key selling points in every ad
  • Manually review the ads when migrated using the editor tools

5. Expand the marketing with Expanded Text Ads

With these new larger ad formats, organic results are pushed down further with 4 pack ads at the top. If you have not explored Google AdWords or migrated to Expanded Text Ads, it is time to catch up and showcase your business ahead of the game.

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