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5 April 2016  /  
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Can social media help small businesses?


Globally, businesses are adopting to the social media wave to stay relevant & profitable in the market. Big brands have an increasing budget which is invested on social media. But can social media really help a small business grow as well? There are quite a few small & local businesses who still are not social media friendly. While some may not have a budget to spend on social media, many are not aware how social media could help their businesses. Either ways, the businesses are losing out on an opportunity.

The following is how social media can benefit your business –

Reaching out to customers directly – Social media provides an opportunity to reach out to your customers & potential customers on a one-to-one basis. It not only provides your business details to the customers, but also provides a platform for them to contact you directly. This benefit is crucial for any business.

Instant feedback – As a part of many marketing techniques, feedback is only received over a period of time. But with social media, it is instant. Businesses are able to understand if the customers like the current range of products / offers and can make immediate changes to boost sales.

So, how would the following social media networks help your business?





Research shows that 71% of online adults are on Facebook. This means that if you do not have a business page on facebook, there is a good chance majority of your potential customers may not know that you exist.

Basics – Setup a facebook business page. Add all important details including all branding elements, contact information, address & business description. If it’s a local business, you have an option of setting up a review tab, where customers can like your business and share their experience.

How often to post – At least 2 posts per week but try not exceeding 1 post a day.





Due to the conversational structure of twitter, it has become popular and has more than 280 million monthly active users. Majority of users connect with brands when they have questions & complaints. It is very important for service related businesses to be on twitter for the same reason.

Basics – Setup a twitter account for your business. Keep the branding constant across & link the brand website. Profile picture needs to be the brand logo or image & upload a background picture with the logo present in it. Follow twitter profiles of related brands, people or organisations who are relevant to your business. Retweet positive messages and images taken by your customers at your business or with your product. It’s also a good idea to retweet other people when they tweet about the local trends.

How often to post – At least 1 tweet per day but ensure there is a gap of at least an hour between 2 posts. Retweet relevant & interesting posts frequently.


google +


Google +

Being Google’s own social media network, Google plus offers many advantages to businesses. The Google My Business Page is very helpful and can show up on the google search page if verified. This will provide the customer with important information like business hours, contact number, driving directions and so on. Read our earlier blog post about the benefits of Google My Business.

Basics– Setting up a Google My Business page is very important for any business. Google will verify your business page and post that the page will appear whenever the customers search for your business. Ensure the branding is kept in sync to the branding on other social media pages. Posting business updates is a good idea on the Google + page.

How often to post – At least once per week but try keeping one good post per day.



Linked In

Linked in is specialist social media network for B2B purposes & professional networking. It has grown quickly and has over 345 million users. It is very helpful for B2B companies & seeking new talent. Before taking your brand on LinkedIn, ensure your business is relevant to the audience there.

Basics– Set up your business page & keep all the branding similar. Encourage all employees to join the page. Add details about the business and services / products.

How often to post – At least once per week but try keeping one good post per day.

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