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9 August 2015  /  
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Does a business need paid advertising if keywords rank organically?

Recently one of our clients in Melbourne asked a question, do they need paid advertisements, specifically Google AdWords, since they rank organically for most of the top traffic keywords? The business has invested in search engine optimisation service for several years and is getting good traction out of the planned strategy. Our answer was “Yes” to paid advertisements and here are some of the points to validate and substantiate.

Let’s take a business that has medium level competition in the market and their keywords ranks on page 1. Their competitors use Adwords, Google shopping ads or remarketing ads to market the products. If they don’t make use of pay per click ads to fill the gap in paid advertisements, that their competitors have taken advantage of, they could be losing good growth opportunities.

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Search Engine Optimisation is an awesome marketing strategy for long term results and stable growth. SEO is an investment for any business that wishes to grow organically. However here are some of the reasons to consider paid advertising even if the business ranks organically for the top keywords.

1. Reinforce Organic Ranking: A business may be ranking for the top keywords in organic search with SEO efforts for several years. If they use Pay Per Click advertisements, it will reinforce the organic ranking and improve the market presence. A business in position 3 for organic ranking and position 3 for paid ads, it will reinforce its market presence.

2. Untapped Market: For a business that sells products online, Google Shopping is a great channel to advertise online and increase sales. Google Shopping ads are easily noticed, displaying price and image, and always appears at the top of the page. Industry studies reveal that Google Shopping ads convert better and give good return on investment for web stores that sell online.

3. Brand Reinforcement: With ongoing SEO efforts a business can get visibility in top positions of SERP and create a market presence. However with text ads and remarketing ads, business can reinforce their brand and increase their existing market presence exponentially.

4. Competition: Paid ads will appear above organic listings. клуб вулкан This means that if a competitor is using paid ads while your business is not, they will firstly appear above your listing. If they were to use your keywords or brand in their bidding, you may be also losing out on the sales which should be going to your website. Paid advertisements can offset the level of competition to some extent.

5. Product not ranked organically: In many cases it is not possible or feasible to rank for all the products organically in top positions, for example, when a product is newly introduced in the market. If the product is not ranking organically on the search engine results page, a good idea is to use Pay Per Click advertisement to market the product so that opportunities are not missed.

Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertisement are two sides of a coin and need to work in tandem to achieve strategic results. A business can get the most out of the online market by utilising a combination of balanced SEO and PPC approaches.

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