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7 December 2015  /  
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Filters and Sorting for Online Shops with Magento

Filters – Narrowing Down Product Choices
Filters are a key design feature for online shops that sell products with variations. Online shoppers do not want to sift through dozens of pages of results, they want to key in to the products that fit their needs. Customers need to be able to narrow down product choices and browse amongst the ones that match their interest.

Filters allow shoppers to list products that match specific search parameters. Some examples are filtering by price group, colour and brand.

User Experience is key for ecommerce website design, and the only thing worse than confusing a customer is frustrating them.

Why use filters?

  • Helps customers find what they are looking for.
  • Allows customers to know the variety of products you sell and might learn about variants they didn’t know about from a simple glance at the filter menu.
  • Lets customers easily browse different versions of products as they make their purchasing decision.

In Magento filters can be customised using attribute fields. You can add any number of attributes for the products and specify values that the customer can then filter by. Below is an example of a comprehensive custom filter created for a client.


Sorting – Viewing Products in a Relevant Order
Giving your customers control over product sorting is another way to improve the User Experience of your ecommerce site. Sorting allows shoppers to view products in the order of their choosing. For example, they can sort products from the lowest to highest price if they are on a budget or from the highest to the lowest price if they are looking for top-end products.

Other examples of useful sorting options:

  • Latest listings – allows customers to see newest products first.
  • Most popular – allows customers to choose from top sellers.
  • Customer reviews – lets customers look at products with high reviews first.
  • A to Z – alphabetical order.

Using both filters and sorting for your online shop can greatly improve sales and conversion.


  • Improves the User Experience of your website.
  • Gives the customer control over what they spend their time viewing.
  • Shows good customer service and understanding of product-fit for customers.
  • Increased conversion due to customers finding the exact product that matches their needs.