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22 January 2016  /  
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Get in Motion to Market on Instagram

In 2015, the use of video increased on social media and many predicted this to be a trend that would see continued growth. The steady rise in the power and storage of mobiles facilitates this, allowing us to go beyond still frames to get creative with moving images. Two free apps by Instagram highlight the potency of this trend.

At Netable, we keep a close eye on popular apps and social tools. It’s important to understand their implications for marketing and branding. Below you’ll find information on these 2 apps, as well as ways to use them on one of the most popular social platforms: Instagram.

Say More: Hyperlapse

Instagram allows users to upload and share videos in addition to photos, with one caveat: they can only be 15 seconds. This is a differentiator for Instagram and can be a challenge for users. Their in-app tools make it easy to trim video but no matter how you cut it, you have 15 seconds total.

Hyperlapse, an app by Instagram, helps combat this constraint by providing users with a tool for time-lapse production. You can shoot your video and Hyperlapse will speed it up, making it easier to fit into that precious 15 second window.

Hyperlapse is well-regarded in the tech community due to being extremely effective at image stabilisation. It was created by a company called Luma as the first technology of its kind. When Instagram bought Luma they integrated it into their main app.

Hyperlapse takes image-stabilisation and combines it with simple, intuitive controls for speeding up video. A slider-style control allows you to choose from 1x to 12x in multiples of 2.


Blink and you’ll miss it – Setting a video at 8x gives you serious speed!

Keep It Short: Boomerang

Another app put out by Instagram that is especially popular amongst younger users is Boomerang. Boomerang is a tool used for creating extremely small clips, with your initial video’s time limit being a mere 1 second! It takes that single second video and plays it forward, then rewinds it, creating a short but potentially mesmerising loop.

Boomerang capitalises on the popularity of animated gifs, allowing users to create all manner of short-duration loops. They can be funny, strange and anything between but one thing is certain: they are highly shareable when done properly.


Boomerang’s simple-to-use workflow gives you options for immediate sharing.

Brands that Pop

It’s important to be aware of user trends when using social media to market your products or business. For Instagram, that means watching the habits of your demographic and following suite accordingly. Both your organic posts and your ads on Instagram need to get attention, be remembered and ideally be reposted or shared on other media.

Hyperlapse is fantastic for sharing walkthroughs of your shop, creating time lapses of product demonstrations, introducing your team and more. If you’ve thought of a video that would take 30 seconds to a few minutes of real time but can be related in high speed, Hyperlapse is for you.

Boomerang is a great option for sharing humorous posts that spread your brand virally. You can also use it to show products that have simple states such as open/closed. If your audience is the type to share memes and gifs it’s a good idea to create content they are used to consuming.

Using apps that are popular amongst your audience helps your content blend in with their lifestyle. Your customers may relate to you better and be more likely to recognise the post as valid and organic if it is in-line with their expectations.

There is a continued desire to share stories and experiences through social channels. Combined with the steadily increasing power of mobiles, video will remain strong in 2016 and beyond. No matter what purpose you have for Instagram, these are two apps to watch.