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3 September 2015  /  
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Google’s New Logo – Flat Design Trend

As most of you already know, Google, one the biggest companies in the world, ranking # 3 on the World’s Most Valuable Brands by Forbes magazine, introduced this week, a new company logo. This is the company’s first major branding update in 16 years, last tweak in 2013.

The new logo is simpler, younger and friendlier, and is following a trend that has been coming for a while. It has boomed in popularity over the last year and is called “Flat Design”. This is the latest trend in web designing. Even companies like Apple, Logitech, Lenovo and Microsoft have taken a liking towards flat design.

The flat design is a method that does not use any extra effects to create a scheme. It does not include any three-dimensional attributes, removes all traces of drop-shadows, gradients and textures from the visual design and forces us to focus more on the content as the central part of the design.

In reality, flat design is simply an implementation of “minimalism”, or the “less is more” principle. It especially plays an important role in web design, where users are increasingly exposed to visual saturation.

Some advantages of minimal design are the reduction in page weight and loading time of websites and that it allows viewers to enjoy a cleaner, smoother and minimalist viewing experience that promotes better interaction and engagement of the user interface. Now that we have so many different platforms in so many sizes, we need to make the most of every bit of the screen.

There are a lot of valid reasons to adopt a flat design. Designing is not just about following a trend, importantly, it is working on improving the user experience as much as we can every time.

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