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28 January 2011  /  
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I have a CMS website should I still get a professional web designer to update my site

In today’s web design industry, most web designers are either requested by their clients or do encourage them to build websites using some sort of CMS. Popular CMS include WordPress, Joomla and Magento (for e-commerce).

What is a CMS?
A CMS or content management system, specifically web CMS, are authoring tools to create, update and publish the content of a website. These could include textual contents, images or graphics, layout, scripts and meta tags of a site.

Why do we use CMS?
On the one hand is the cost factor of not needing to spend as much time designing when one can easily choose from an array of freely available templates, but even when creating custom designs, a good developer can still restyle the CMS’s template into an original piece.

There is also the point of not reinventing the wheel. When hundreds upon thousands of web developers have contributed and worked together to make a great tool to make websites, we should use it to show our appreciation of all their efforts, especially if we don’t have to pay for it! Not to forget all the free extra plugins that we get to use to make the website that much more interesting.

The most important reason is …
As the description of a CMS states, the most important of all function is to manage content. Especially in the age when we are all scrambling to keep happy the ever increasing requirement of search engines and their optimisation needs. Blogs, news, products, services, offers, coupons, images, upload anything to keep the website visitors and search engine crawlers coming back.

Now that you understand the need to update and have the content to update, can you do this yourself? Do you really still need the web developer or the web designer to just do a “copy and paste” for you?

The answer is “Yes”. That is if you want your site to continue looking as good as it did the day you got the login details to the CMS. Sure you can write a short article to publish, or add a new product to the site. After all, most CMS these days have improved in their general usability and functionality. However, not forgetting that the reason you paid a website designer in the first place is because you wanted a professional website developed, so keeping it that way should be equally important.

Why do I need a professional web designer?
Your web designer or developer would be able to update the site in far less time than yourself. Having built the original site, they will have better knowledge on how best to update and place texts and graphics. Even if they have not built the site, having been exposed to CMS software as a matter of profession, they are likely to intuitively know how and where things are updated in such tools.

Web designers would also be able to create small scripting or graphic changes that can help improve the overall aesthetics and functionality of the website. Say you have an upcoming sale, getting a banner created by a professional designer would ensure the end result meets with your requirement while still preserving the appeal of your website.

Most experienced web developers would offer website maintenance packages that would include a set number of hours of updates monthly. It may be a small price to pay considering the web is a competitive market and staying ahead is all about making sure your site looks good, works well, keeps fresh and importantly making your website an integral part of your online initiatives.