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1 October 2010  /  
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Increase web traffic by making your website visitors come back

Businesses do various forms of marketing like search engine optimization, email marketing, banner advertisements and traditional marketing to direct traffic to their website. Marketing costs money and time but rarely do we think or work on bringing your website visitors to come back. Directing customers to your website can be tough, but keeping them coming back is tougher. With millions of users and a plenty of other websites offering similar services or products, it could be a challenge to make them return to your website.
Increase web traffic by making your website visitors come back

However, the task of increasing web traffic by making your website visitors come back is simpler than it seems. The secret is to have something new and exciting on your website as often as possible so that there are incentives for your website visitors to come back again and again. This is comparable to why a person would read or view the news daily – motivated by the fact that there will be new articles everyday.

This article will provide some tips on how to achieve a higher rate of visitors returning to your website.

Blogs and Discussions forums
Installing forums and blogs are a good way to make visitors coming back. Search engine crawlers love them as they are rich in content. Contents on forum and blogs get updated frequently this give a reason to Search Engine crawlers to come back to index new content. Forums and blogs increases the chances of being found by the Search Engines with more keywords or key phrases. Your website visitors are likely to come back to read something new on topic of their interest.

News and useful links
Your website should be targeted towards your audience, if there is any interesting link you feel will make your website visitors interested then provide a link for them.

Up-to-date catalogues
If you have pdf of your catalogue on your website, make sure they are current and reflects your current address, rates and services. For eg,if you have uploaded your catalogue with your old business address and now your business have shifted. Then in this scenario, it is better not to upload the catalogue with your old address. If you have to upload the catalogue to your website then change the address to your current one.

Discounts and special offers for subscribers
If you have recently sent a mail by post with new special offers or discount sale then this should be reflected on your website too. Potential or new customers are bound to visit your website first before contacting your business. You have less than 9 sec to impress your new visitors on the Internet. So make an impression.

Free downloads or trial softwares
Providing useful downloads is always good for your visitors. This will complement your business. For eg. If you have a web development business provide free scripts for sending feedback forms, web designers may find this useful and invite them to use it. If the web designers want something more done to the scripts they will contact you for your service.

Sending newsletter by email is commonly used and cost effective way of marketing today. Send regular newsletter updates of your business, discount offers and sales. Make sure your newsletter is permission based and give your members the option of unsubscribing.

Date of website updated
Content for user driven websites like are updated by the users/members so probably site last updated is not necessary or for website like where it is obvious. Company website should have a statement saying when the website was last updated. You will notice recognized universities website do this. Having website updated statement give an idea to website visitors how fresh your website is. I am sure not too many people will be interested to read an article on Search Engine Optimisation techniques that was written 5 yrs ago. If the website updated is not listed then the information could be misleading and might not be relevant.

Generate user driven content
If you have uploading your mama’s secret recipe allow other to comment on your recipe and provide ratings. Similarly, if you have a blog then allow readers to make comment. Comment on your website will enrich your content and also makes their reading interesting.

Updating your website and providing rich content will invite your visitors to keep coming back. The more often you update, the more often Search Engine crawlers are likely to return to your site and increase your website traffic and search Engine ranking.

Increase web traffic by keeping your website visitors happy and they will keep coming back.