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9 July 2019  /  
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Joining the rally to beat cancer

Joining the rally to beat cancer -

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Netable is happy to support our long-time friend David from Applied Machinery Australia in his participation in Shitbox Rally 2019, a fundraising event for Cancer Council.

Shitbox Rally is a bi-annual adventure dedicated to raising funds for cancer research through hardwork and fun. In this event, teams are challenged to drive cars worth less than $1,000 across some of Australia’s roughest roads in the name of charity.

This year, participating teams will be driving their cars over 7,500km in two separate rallies.

Shitbox Rally 2019 Spring will be held on October 19th to 25th, with teams set to travel from Melbourne to Townsville via Birdville. Shitbox Rally 2020 Autumn will run from May 23rd to 29th, travelling from Alice Springs to Gold Coast via the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Over the last ten years, Shitbox rallies have raised over $19 million for Cancer Council, and the target for this year is $2 million.

Our friend David is in team CaddyShack. Join us in supporting his amazing endeavour to raise money for cancer research by donating to his team at

Find out more about Shitbox Rally at