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4 January 2016  /  
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Looking Forward: Online Consumer Behaviour in 2016

At Netable, we understand the opportunities that trends related to short-duration web use present to brands. Here are four important micro-moments to keep in mind for 2016.

I Want to Meet

People exchange Snapchat info through their Instagram accounts and can interact with business owners in real-time on Periscope. The ways people “meet” one another online are more varied than ever.

For individuals, when followers spread across multiple apps they become more than avatars handing out “likes”. The relationship falls between stranger, acquaintance and reflection. Even for those who will never meet in person, the connection forged is strong for taste-shaping and decision making.

While the specifics of the follower relationship evolve one thing remains: people are finding products to purchase through increasingly dense networks of like-minded contacts.

For businesses, followers are establishing deeper bonds to their favourite brands. Multinationals are learning how to use Snapchat to connect with younger demos, while Periscope provides an intimate view into things such as production techniques and product demonstrations.

When a customer can pop into your studio or a Q&A session on a quick break, they’ve met you in a moment. These connections are invaluable for repeat business and brand loyalty.

I Want to Compare

People already make in-store decisions with the help of their mobiles. Faster phones and hyper-connected media will ensure this continues.

The choice isn’t always between two pairs of shoes. Sometimes it’s between a pair of shoes or tickets to a play. Between a new computer and a short holiday. Connectivity means people can turn to their family, friends and followers to help with decisions on how to spend their time and money.

With more input for comparisons than customers had in the past, it’s more important than ever to provide strong call to action and value-reinforcement copy for your offerings.

I Want to Be 

Decisions related to self-identity, from favoured brands to choices for education, work and play will be further shaped by micro-moments.

Even without direct interaction, viewing a like-minded follower’s feed offers insights related to shared interests, which equates to influence that’s indirect yet potent.

Specialised apps related to specific hobbies offer a tighter focus for those adopting new lifestyle choices. Seeing others “be” the person a user envisions being is powerful, and purchasing parallels can carry over as the user adopts tastes from others. Being aware of apps and social networks that fall into your niche will help you understand your customers and create new methods of conversion for your business.

I Want to Create

Niche apps that improve the functionality of established tools such as Instagram, or empower social users such as Adobe Post, allow anyone to create beauty in mere moments. This ups the stakes for content creators, as posts will have to stand out in a stream that features more and more eye-catching visuals.

Users creating “in the moment” could be powerful for businesses – a customer that will create for your brand is certainly one who is loyal. Tools that incorporate creativity into social/viral marketing will be valuable for demos that feature these types of users.

Micro Mindfulness

People make decisions in micro-moments. Forward-thinking content specialists must look at this phenomena from new angles. Tech upgrades and app releases increase mobile functionality and usage – we must be mindful of the implications into user experience and behaviour they hold.