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16 October 2015  /  
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Magento Grid View or List View – Which is best for me?

The category page is one of the most important pages on your shopping site. It showcases the products that you sell and helps visitors get a feel of your product range and variety in one glance. This means that how the products are presented is a very important decision.

In Magento, there are two ways to showcase your products – grid view and list view. Let’s look at both views and when to use them.

Magento category grid view

In grid view, products are displayed in a grid or matrix format, generally in 3 or 4 columns per row. Grid view will usually display an image of the product, with the name and price and an optional Add to Cart button. Some retailers may even choose not to display the price to ensure focus is on the images of the product.

The grid view is especially good for fashion and jewellery store where purchasing decision is predominantly influenced by how the product looks. The example below shows how the products are laid out in a grid on a Timber Flooring Magento ecommerce website.


This view is also commonly used to display popular products on the homepage of a shopping website.

Magento category list view

The list view category format displays a single product in a row. The images are generally smaller, a description will be added together with price and the optional Add to Cart button.

List view configurations are best suited to products where description is an important aspect of making the purchase decision. For example computers and electronic devices, bundled product items like kits, or commercial products (non personal products) like scales and laboratory equipment. The buying of these products would be dependant on specification of the product, what’s included in them.

The example below shows list view of products on a Health Supplements store with product key benefits listed as part of the description.

Can I have both

Magento does have the option to display products in both views. You can set a default view that customers will see. Then provide the option to toggle between the two views.



The goal of any shopping site is to sell. How easy it is for customers to make the purchasing decision will affect the success of this goal. Speak to us for ideas on how to create your optimum product catalog view.