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19 June 2009  /  
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Reasons to redesign your website

The main reason I assume why anyone would wish to redesign their website would be to provide a fresh look and generate more traffic to your website/business.

Getting more visitors would normally relate to more enquires and hence increase in sales of your products or services.

A few questions you may have before deciding to redesign your website.

How do I generate more enquiries from my website?
The answer is simple. Make your new redesigned website search engine friendly and provide visitors with useful information. Your website should provide information that your target audience may be looking for. Another point is to keep things simple. Making uncomplicated navigations, functionality and enquiry forms will give your visitors a better online experience. Your website is there to showcase your business and provide a better understanding of your products and services to your target audience.

How do I make my website search engine friendly so that I can generate more enquires for my services and products?
Designing simple and search engine friendly website will involve lots of discussions, exchange of ideas between the client and the web developer. Both parties will need to sit together, discuss and work together as the client knows best what the business needs while the developer will bring the technical knowledge to achieve this. A project is likely to be successful if both work together as a team. If you are planning on redesigning your website then you should have the time your new website demands.

Is the website redesign cost worth it?
This question is best answered by the individual businesses. Business owners will need to do your maths. Ask yourself “My website is sitting on the internet, not getting any enquiries, without any returns, will changing it to drive more enquiries and future sales from the website be worth the money I’m going to spend?”

Redesigned website
Below are some of the website we have redesigned.
New redesigned site has been a great help to parents and students understand what is happening at the school at any given time. Parents and students are actively checking the new website for latest Thornbury High School news and downloads. With the redesigned website, The School now receives more visitor traffic than before.
Before the new redesign, Teaching By design was not registered by the search engines. After the launch of the new design they are now not only registered with search engines but also comes on top first page of google search for their services.
New site has increased customer understanding of their products and how it works with the addition of manuals, videos and comprehensive product information. With the new website Anchor Right now receives more enquiries then before.
The new website has helped Hytile increase sales and even create new sales from overseas.

Client testimonials
This question is best answered by our client we have worked with.

Please read what Julie Guthie, General Manager from Hytile has to say about Hytile’s Success with their new website.

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