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9 November 2015  /  
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SVG for crisp clear icons and vectors

SVG Image
Nowadays it is hard to find someone who doesn’t own a mobile device with a high resolution screen connected to the internet. This turn has caused a huge spike in mobile internet usage, much more than desktop internet usage.

This is why most websites are now being built responsive. Responsive means that the content on a website automatically resizes and adjusts itself to all the different sizes and resolutions of the screen so that they can be viewed without any issues on any device. This is where SVGs come in.

What is SVG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic. It is an XML-based vector image format for 2D graphics that support animation, scalability and even interactivity! Prior to SVGs, designers and developers used JPEGs and PNGs for icons and graphics when building mobile responsive website. Without SVGs, to make a design look sharp on retina and high resolution devices, a second file needed to be created, each one 2 times the size it needs to be. Now with SVG’s we only have to use one image. These vector based images and icons now resize and look crisp from any device.

Raster and Vector Images
Not supported by all browsers

We strongly recommend the usage of SVG’s when creating your website. You may find that they are not fully supported by some versions of browsers. To overcome this issue, you can use CSS stylesheets to replace the SVG image with a compatible image version.

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