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29 January 2016  /  
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The List App: Your Life, Notated

With video continuing to rise on social media, it’s interesting to see innovation in the form of a scaled back, simple concept. The List App does just that by combining lists with social sharing. At Netable, we keep an eye on trending apps with a view towards organic use and paid advertising for brands and businesses.

Although images can be added to user-created lists, the spirit of the app comes from a pastime most organised and driven people can relate to: making lists.


Share a bit about yourself for family, friends and followers – all in one place!


Created by actor, author and screenwriter B.J. Novak, The List App grew from an exclusive user-base comprised of actors and creative types. The beta testers were able to hand out invites, growing the community organically until it became open to the public.

The presence of celebrities, and the keen insights provided by following them to read their lists, is one of the draws of the community. Another is the simplicity and relatability of the app. It’s a relaxing counterpoint to image and video fueled social media standards such as Snapchat, Instagram and Vine.


Celebrities share insights and funny lists on The List App.

Why Is It Important?

The List App has two great features for list-makers: the presence of celebrities and ease-of-use. Both of these have helped it draw in users. As the app grows in popularity, a larger user base will grow based on connecting with friends and favourite brands.

The users are actually reading. It’s a great place to engage friends, followers and fans alike. It allows you to share information and ideas with those who will actively absorb them.

The creators are taking suggestions and the app will grow. One can’t deny the implications and possibilities the data shared on The List App will pose for brands. You can already search for brand names and products and find all the lists they are mentioned in, which has broad implications for market research.


Search for a popular brand and be prepared to scroll!

List It!

Have a brand or shop and want to use The List App for promotion? Here’s a list of topics that might work for you:

  • Products I hope to release/sell (sneak previews of new lines).
  • Brands I admire (show some love to affiliates).
  • Brand Story in List form.
  • Things that inspire me (brand insights).
  • Tips for Success (great way to highlight corporate philosophies).
  • Charities I Support (highlight your global and social awareness).
  • My Process (shed light to creative or development processes).
  • Great Eats (support local businesses you love and drive traffic to your district).
  • Goals (get intimate with your followers – they will want to help you reach them!).

These are just a few ways to share your work and business with people who follow your lists. As always, every industry will have different uses for any specific social media app and network. Get creative and engage your fans with tact to build brand loyalty that lasts.