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8 January 2016  /  
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The Rewards of Responsive Design for Ecommerce

A lot of work goes into creating and maintaining a successful ecommerce site. There are a multitude of elements that contribute to the performance of an online shop such as well-defined product categories, sales schedules, web design geared towards target markets and, of course, ease-of-use.

A website must provide effective User Experience if it is going to achieve conversions, and the first step towards proper UX is making sure your site is useable across platforms. This is why responsive design is crucial for ecommerce.

Here are a few ways that responsive design offers huge opportunities for ecommerce sites:


Businesses need to offer good User Experience across all devices. A responsive site allows companies to provide their services anywhere and anytime, across any device platform. This level of accessibility is important if a business wants to remain competitive as mobile and tablet web use increases.

When your audience can get to your content on their tablets and phones as well as their desktops, their experience with your brand remains positive no matter where they are.


Google loves responsive sites — it means less work for Googlebot. Google recommends you use responsive design and it’s always wise to follow content techniques that Google considers best-practice.

When Googlebot likes your site you’re in good company, and when it doesn’t you have potential headaches and missed opportunities on the horizon.

Responsive-DesignA responsive website works no matter what device it’s accessed from.


Responsive design is SEO optimised. In the past, if you wanted your website to be mobile friendly you would have create a separate mobile site. This would require managing separate websites, URLs, content and SEO campaigns.

When you only have one SEO campaign to manage you can focus on hitting your targets without worrying about multiple sites.

Future Proof

Responsive sites work well across the many devices out in the world today. If your site is responsive, it’s a safe bet it will continue to work on new tech for a considerable time to come. When your online shop can adapt to different screen sizes there’s no need to redesign when trends change.

When your customer upgrades from an iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6, their screen size increases by 3.81 centimetres – but they don’t expect their browsing experience to degrade!

Reduced Friction

A website’s load time can be influenced by whether it’s device-friendly or not. When a user has to wait too long for a page to load there’s an extremely high chance they will leave your site. This sort of friction is the opposite of what you want for your site. A well coded responsive site will take screen size into account and load appropriate sized images, eliminating unnecessary wait.

When stickiness and conversion are your goals it is critical to ensure customers are not frustrated by a slow experience.

Mobile web use has increased, with online shoppers logging on more often. A responsive design will ensure your customer’s experience is good – no matter where, when or how they access your ecommerce site.