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3 July 2008  /  
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Website design – what price is right

The price for a website varies with every design and developer. This could depend on the functionality of the website, quality of work and the skills of the website development company engaged.

Often we get asked why our prices are very different to other design companies, sometimes much higher or much lower. The high and low would depend upon the website development budget of the individual business. What may be high for one business may be affordable for another. So how would you determine if the price quoted is the right price?

Important points to consider are:

  • How necessary is the website to the business?
  • How important is online branding?
  • What online marketing initiatives does the business require?
  • How much is the business prepared to invest for an effective online identity?

Some businesses could have a budget of $20,000 for a 10 page website while others could want a 20 page website for $500. Spending a larger budget may be a good investment to establish a brand identity on the Internet. The website could be core to their marketing plan and strategic investment could help the business generate additional profits.

For businesses that tend to prefer the cheaper option, there could be negative implications attached to it. A poorly designed site made by a designer who lacks the proper skills and understanding of the market can hinder the potential success of your online initiatives.

Below are some of the elements a web design company’s pricing is likely to be based on:

Web design skill and experience
Every web design company have different level of expertise and experience. A design company with specialized skills and experience are more likely to produce better quality website. Creating a compelling website does require various skills set and it certainly is not a one man task. Larger web design companies are likely to engage specialized people for various tasks. There are web design companies with one person doing all the work. In other words a larger organization with better infrastructure is inclined to cost more but you are also likely to get a quality website.

Web Design Process
Web design process varies from company to company. Some company do detailed documentation and some web design company start straight. Price is also dependent on the process a company follows for creating a website. So time taken on process like meeting, requirements gathering, researching and refinements can determine cost. One company could charge $500 for creating a website and the other could charge $10,000 for similar work. The company charging $10000 is likely to follow detailed process understand you target market, brainstorming ways to market your business effectively and many more. Detailed process means more time, more time will mean higher cost.
Overheads and maintenance costs

Larger web design companies are bound to have higher overhead maintenance cost and naturally this is going to reflect on their costing. Smaller companies with lesser overhead maintenance cost would normally quote lower price.

Quality of website
There is a saying “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”, this proverb is true. You are unlikely to get the best designer for lowest price or a developer with over 10 yrs experience at a student rate. If a best designer and an experienced developer is going to be working on your project than the result is also likely to be of quality.

At the end of the day, if you wish to create a website then you need to ask yourself, how much are you willing to pay and then plan and set aside a budget. Once you have set aside a budget than you need to write a brief requirement. Once you know what you want, you can then search on the Internet for web design companies and view their portfolio and narrow down your choice to a few web design companies. There is no point in asking 100 and receiving 100 different quotes.

Send your requirements documentation to few chosen companies and ask them for a quote. You could also ask your friends for any references of web design company that he/she has dealt with in the past. Your friend is not going to provide reference of a company that they did not have a pleasant experience.

Your web design process should be a pleasant experience and you work as a team. You understand your business and your web design company understands technology. Creating a great website is a team effort and you are part of the team. Finally, go with the web design company with whom you feel confident and comfortable interacting.

Remember price for website design is similar to buying a car, don’t expect to buy a new Mercedes car if your budget is $500. It is better to set a budget and then find a web design company that meets your needs.