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15 June 2017  /  

4 things that are common between SEO and winning a marathon

Contrary to what it may look like at first glance, search engine optimisation (SEO) and winning a marathon have a lot in common. Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website to improve organic keyword ranking in the results on search engine pages and is a digital activity. Winning a marathon, is well, what Usain Bolt might be able to do. Success in either field, however, is dependent on the same factors.

Like in a marathon, the goal of SEO is to be at the top of the game. The competition toughens when the first place can only be enjoyed by one. We’re no marathon specialists, but we sure know a lot about SEO. Read on to know more about the 4 steps to acing the SEO game for your business:

1. Training: This is an essential first-step. While SEO is a relatively new field, several academic institutions now offer SEO training in relevant programs. It’s always recommended to strengthen your foundation by signing up for a course that teaches you the basics, which would then be complemented by an internship or other practical experience. Additionally, it’s essential to keep up with newer developments by participating in industry events, workshops and seminars, and also keeping track of industry news to avoid being stuck in a time warp.

2. Hard-work: There are no shortcuts to good SEO. It’s an activity that needs your time and effort. Duplicate content, excessive keyword usage, cloaking and paid backlinks are just a few examples of bad SEO practice that must be avoided. Building a blog or website with a high SERP rank happens over a period of time, and there’s little that can be done to avoid that. The use of shortcuts also results in your website being penalised by search engines, which is also detrimental to its page rank in the long term.

3. Consistency: Sustained results require sustained efforts. If you’re a business that’s determined to rise up the ranks, you need to invest in long-term SEO activity, instead of commissioning sporadic campaigns. Your website’s SERP rank is dependent on several factors, such as fresh content, competition in the market and an organic cultivation of backlinks. Furthermore, algorithms applied by search engines such as Google are constantly changing, making it essential to stay updated with newer developments in the field. Sporadic campaigns may boost your website’s SERP rank, however this progress will taper off soon enough once SEO is discontinued.

4. Strategic approach: This refers to developing a customised strategy for your website and overall business, with a tailor-made combination of on-page and off-page techniques that meets your unique requirements. It is a consistent effort that involves optimising your website for all devices, maintaining and enhancing its user-friendliness, whilst constantly developing natural backlinks. SEO is an activity with several moving parts, making it important to approach it strategically, preferably by working with experience SEO marketers.

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