AWS Hosting

AWS Hosting

We design, deploy and support your AWS hosting infrastructure

Amazon Web Services Hosting

AWS – World leader in cloud hosting.

AWS infrastructure is capable of providing you with a complete IT solutions on the cloud. Unlike traditional hosting solution, with AWS we can design loosely coupled, highly available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant and scalable hosting infrastructure.

We have AWS certified Solutions Architect in our team. We first understand your web hosting requirements in detail and we follow the best practices to ensure your web application environment is cost effective and designed for high availability and performance.

Why AWS hosting?

If your website is high traffic, is mission critical and demands load balancing to maintain User Experience at all times.

Or, your website requires auto scaling to manage burst of traffic during marketing campaign.

Or, you wish to market your products and services to specific countries and wish to provide seamless user experience then AWS could be the likely solution.

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How is AWS any different?
  • AWS architecture is a complete cloud based solutions.
  • With AWS we can design scalable and secure web hosting solutions.
  • With AWS we can tailor a solution to specifically suit your website hosting requirements
  • AWS have datacenters across 11 regions with multiple availability zones in each region
  • With AWS you only pay for the resources you use or the data you consume.
Some commonly used AWS features
  • AWS SES (Simple Email Service): For high email delivery rate with DKIM validation.
  • AWS S3: For unlimited and durable storage solutions.
  • AWS Cloudfront: CDN (Content Delivery Network) with over 50 edge locations for faster delivery of static and media content.
  • AWS Route53: Intelligent DNS service weighted, failover, latency and geo targeting features
  • AWS Cloudwatch: For monitoring resources and triggering notification with auto scaling policy.
  • AWS RDS: Scalable and Managed relational database services with multiple availability zones and master/slave database replication.

AWS is the leader in Cloud technology and supports over 1 million customers in 190 countries, making it a proven solution with reliable technological infrastructure.

Interested in Amazon Web Services (AWS) implementation for your web hosting solution?
Talk to our AWS certified Solutions Architect today at 03 9553 0449.