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11 October 2016  /  

Improving conversion rates at the checkout of your online store


  1. Price comparison

If you are offering a niche product that no other online stores are stocking, then the price is what you set it to be. However, if you sell items that others can offer too, you need to ensure that your products are competitively priced. If you can’t afford to price beat, offer them the next best thing – what added value they get when they buy from you. 100% Australian made, free installation, expert advice or money back guarantees – these are all value propositions of your business.

  1. Shipping cost

Free Shipping. It’s a big word in online shopping. The competition may be selling the same product for a cheaper price, but free shipping is the first tick in an online buyers book of must haves. If free shipping is not possible because your products vary in size or weight, find other ways to sweeten the deal. Offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount – free shipping over $150. Figure our how to make free shipping worthwhile to your business.

  1. Cumbersome checkout process

Generally, shopping sites have several steps during the checkout process. Some even force registration before allowing to purchase. Customers could see this as a hassle. Not many people like giving away their information, so always have a Guest Checkout option available on your site. Show the steps of the checkout clearly. Customers like to know how far along the process they are and how much farther they have to go.

  1. Payment methods

Everyone shops differently on the internet. Some are comfortable to use their credit cards anywhere, while others prefer payment options like Paypal, Google Wallet or Amazon Payments. Ensure your checkout process includes at least 2 payment methods. Most businesses prefer to get their payment upfront, but if you are a B2B website or can allow credit purchase or bank transfer payment methods, do offer it. It proves to the customer that you trust them and value their clientele.

  1. Unsure about returns policy and warranties

Customers like to know what happens if products are faulty or are delivered broken. Have clear links on your checkout page to the Returns Policy and Warranty pages. This will help customers realise that you are up front and honest and build a sense of trust in your business.

  1. Website is too slow

Finally, the most important factor to your shopping site. Speed! Everyone’s in a hurry these days, 2 seconds means a lot so make sure customers can breeze through the checkout. This is especially so for websites with a multi-step checkout process. Single page checkout are the best way to overcome this particular dilemma.

If you have an online store and want to improve your conversion rate, don’t worry about industry benchmarks and competitor performances. Work towards is a conversion rate that is better than the one you have right now. Improving these simple issues will make the little differences that will help you increase your sales.