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26 August 2015  /  
Things we love

Buddy – our best friend and de-stresser at Netable!

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger A Caras

How true!

Meet BUDDY, our three year old beloved Labrador, who knows how to worm his way into everyone’s heart with lots of love to give.

buddy-smlHe came to our home as a little cutie with a big black nose like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Sweetest, most loving addition to our family. He thinks of himself more of a human than a canine, which we tend to think too. A clever little boy, who knows exactly how to manipulate his human “parents” and catering to his whims. Whenever he doesn’t get what he wants he lets out a huge sigh.

He seems to understand everything that’s said to him and usually can figure out what’s being talked about and act accordingly.

Around the house he spends his time keeping watch for the other neighbourhood dogs and likes chasing the pigeons in the backyard. When going for walks he has to have a portion of the leash in his mouth, like he is walking himself and we have nothing to do with it. He just loves swimming and takes occasional trips to the seaside. When we have friends over or a family
conversation and when he sees a group of people standing around talking, he loves to just sit among us and listen.

Buddy just loves children, likes playing with them passing back and forth their toys or his but he is very gentle and careful to not knock them over.

Buddy has other traits too – he gives the best greetings and his full on wiggle butt excitement will bring a smile to anybody. We don’t need to worry about intruders without him noticing – a bird scratching for food or a possum mooching around the garden in the night – nothing goes unnoticed with Buddy around – our best alarm system. His care sometimes holds us spellbound – when anyone is not well and stays in bed, he sits by the bedside keeping company until we are up – staring right into his pair of eyes and when he is certain you are better, his butt wiggle starts! He is a good listener too – you can tell him anything and he will just be there listening, occasionally the ears moving or the head tilted to listen to you.

He is as meticulous as anyone else – he plans his day well – starts early when we are up at 5.30am. If the alarm has failed no better wake up calls than his morning licks which will bring you instantly up on your feet. He checks on everyone in the house, a quick stroll around to make sure no unwanted visitors, off for his morning breath of fresh air then jumps back into bed for his short “beauty” sleep. 7.00am – it is breakfast and toilet breaks before heading off to office at Moorabbin, chauffer driven.

His enthusiasm to go to office amazes us…the moment he wears his uniform (his collar) he converts to work mode and urges everybody to the car with his piercing look as if to say, “get moving …look, I am ready…”. He has to sit in the front seat, next to the driver ensuring that we take the correct route, sniffing the air outside as he is driven. Once assured, he moves to the back and sits on my lap…he still thinks he is a puppy, to continue his preparation for a hard day at work!

His day starts at the office by sniffing all members of the team as they come (his way of greeting, I guess) and escorting them to their seats. In return all everyone acknowledge him with a pat and a “hello Buddy” greetings. Once everyone is at work, he heads to his sofa, from where he keeps a hawk eye on all of us (and of course takes that occasional snooze sometimes accompanied with the rhythm of snoring).


His presence sets an easy mood in the office – he being the common factor there sort of bonds the others in the office and set a cordial working environment in the office. His absence disappoints all, even clients and visitors seem to have accepted him being there. This is in line with a study published in the United States in 2012 that found dogs at workplace can lower stress levels and boost job satisfaction thereby work performance.

Buddy has become our best friend – he understands our feelings – happiness, distress, worry and stress. We don’t have to explain anything to him. We can just be ourselves

No wonder they say dogs are men’s best friends.