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25 May 2016  /  
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Developer humour – What not to say

Being the in-house Front End Developer at Netable, I will be sharing developer humour regularly. Watch this space for more!

“Front end” developers are people like me who build the parts of web sites that you actually see. It’s opposed to “back end” developers, who work on all the stuff behind the scenes.

Front End Developer

Four things you should not say to a Front End Developer

  1. “Can you add a nice Flash for my site?” – Flash is dead! Javascript is how we create animation now.
  2. “Did you use Java to do that?” – “Java” and “Javascript” may sound like the same thing but are nothing alike. We majorly work on Javascript.
  3. “My grandpa said the website does not work in IE 6” – IE RIP please! Just like Flash.
  4. “Are you a front end designer” – No! That’s the role I want to be in, but not in this life. The designer is the cool guy sitting across.