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Secure, scalable and loosely coupled AWS infrastructure with Load Balancer, Auto Scaling and WAF.


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Global cookware brand

The Client

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Meyer Cookware has been designing and manufacturing cookware on a global scale since 1971. Combined, the affiliates sell over 300 cookware lines in more than 60 countries and employ more than 5,000 people worldwide.

Cookware Brands was seeking to reinvigorate their existing website with a modernised interface to improve user engagement and use established Magento 2.x platform to enable future enhancements. A significant component was to integrate with Meyer Cookware Australia’s Pronto ERP for pushing orders, customers and pulling inventory details.

The Work

Clean design was required to highlight the brands and move away from being a clearance hub.

Cookware Brands carries global brands including Circulon, RACO, Essteele, Anolon, Ruffoni and Prestige and reinforcing the brand message was part of the project scope.

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  • Clean, clear design with focus on reinforcing the brands
  • Responsive approach to address the users from mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Provide seamless user experience design

Selected extensions, functionality and custom developed modules in Magento 1.x version were to be implemented on the new Magento 2.x version.

  • Existing products, customers and orders migrated to Magento 2.x
  • Current cart rules and features
  • Magento 1.x product URL matched with Magento 2.x for SEO ranking
  • Dynamic feed of products for Google and Facebook advertising

Netable made extensive customisation to integrate with Pronto ERP for orders, customers and inventory.

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  • Daily automation of automated process to sync inventory details
  • Export orders and customers to Pronto
  • Bazaarvoice integration for reviews


AWS Hosting Infrastructure setup for performance, security and reliability

Configured hosting infrastructure that is best suited for Meyer Cookware Australia’s needs and that is cost effective.

Implementing AWS WAF at DNS level for additional security.

  • Block spam regions
  • Mitigate IP attacks
  • Rate limiting threshold with self-healing policy

Maintain consistent user experience and performance at all time.

During unexpected high traffic and peak traffic, it can be assured that the website will continue to function normally and performance is maintained.

Separation of Magento 2 Cron Server

Separation of Magento 2 cron server established consistent CPU and RAM usage across various web servers behind the Load Balancer.

Implemented AWS Global Accelerated IP

Implementation of AWS Global Accelerated IP facilitated in much faster DNS routing and eliminated lags in round robin associated with endpoints.

Implemented Netable’s own IP (Intellectual Property) for automating Magento 2.x deployment process.

This implementation eliminated the risk associated with manual errors and further maintain versioning of code and deployment process.

The Results

Successful Magento 2.x upgrade with improved AWS hosting infrastructure

Sales Conversion Icon
Sales Conversion

Improved sales conversion.

Brand Experience Icon
Brand Experience

User centric design reinforcing the brand experience

AWS Infrastructure Icon
AWS Infrastructure

Load Balancer, Auto Scaling and AWS WAF

Pronto Integration Icon
Pronto Integration

Integration with Pronto ERP for orders, customers and inventory

Architect your Magento store for stability, performance and security.

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