B2B or Wholesale

Customise your wholesale distribution experience with a complete B2B eCommerce

Open source. Integration. Customisation

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Customise your wholesale purchasing or distribution experience with complete B2B ecommerce website.

Magento is a popular open source ecommerce CMS and provides great flexibility for customisation and integration.

Provide seamless B2B digital experience.

B2B Wholesale

Open source. Integration. Customisation

Don’t lose sales due to high abandonment rates or unsatisfying user experience. Give the user the confidence and show them you’re serious about your business.

Discuss your B2B or wholesale ecommerce website requirements.

  • Registration approval

    Receive notifications and manually approve new wholesale registrations

  • Tier pricing

    Enable customer specific pricing and product catalog

  • Payment options

    Enable customer specific credit limit and payment terms

  • Easy bulk ordering

    Implement bundling of products and volume discounts

  • Track inventory

    Track and maintain stock levels and send notifications to suppliers

  • Download centre

    Download centre for accessing restricted material, product catalogue, logos, etc

  • Group wholesalers

    Group wholesalers by pricing, payment terms and product categories

Build, integrate and streamline your wholesale distribution process on a scalable infrastructure.

  • Accounting software

    Integrate customer details and invoices with MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks, Sage and other accounting software

  • ERP software

    Integrate with existing ERP systems including Microsoft Navision, MYOB EXO, SAP, etc

  • Distribution centres

    Implement region and country specific distribution process

  • Communication

    Sync customer mailing lists with Mailchimp to notify customers about product updates, promotions and news

  • Shipping

    Implement custom shipping rules or with your choice of providers like Temando, Star Trak, Australia Post, DHL, etc

Monitor, measure and evolve with market trends

  • Monitor performance

    Implement advanced Google analytics for e-commerce with heat metrics

  • Measure

    Track customer behaviour

  • Enhance

    Support your wholesale customer in promoting your product

  • Evolve

    Stay ahead with solid support from Netable

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