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Magento Integration with ERP, Accounting and CRM systems to streamline and automate your B2B and B2C

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We have extensive experience in integrating Magento stores for various industries and businesses

Netable has exhibited commitment to client satisfaction for over 21+ years. Magento Integration with ERP systems helps achieve data integrity, improve productivity and customer confidence by ensuring information shared with customers online is up-to-date and accurate.

How Magento Integration Helps With Real-Time Management

Integrating Magento with ERP, CRM or other third party business software to simplify and minimize the effort put into your daily business tasks. Centralising business processes via a hub like Magento will allow you to maximise the productivity of your team.

You can optimise business efficiency by minimising human errors and bottlenecks in your workflow, giving you the time to focus on tasks that matter to your business and bottom line.

Magento Integration with Accounting Software

Automate the process of importing Sales Orders from your Magento store to your Accounting software.

Simplify accounting-related tasks with a Magento integration. Any orders placed can be synced in real-time to your Accounting software. Export sales and customer payments, tax records and credit notes directly without having to copy and paste from one system to another. Reduce paperwork and most importantly, errors that could arise from multiple handling of the same data.

Netable has pre-built Magento 2 extensions for most common accounting programs including Myob Exo, Netsuite and SAP.


Magento Integration with ERP and CRM Systems

Improve relationships with your customers through better communication via your ERP / CRM and Magento website.

Customers of today value a personalised journey when they visit your website. Give them what they are looking for by understanding and reacting to how they interact with your site. Get real-time insights to your team to improve on the customer service experience and show customers you understand and can provide what they are looking for.

Integrate enquiries, bookings, customer information updates and preferrences in real time so your team can access these valueable data and make timely connections with customers.

We have successfully integrated Magento 2 with popular ERP and CRM systems such as Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, Netsuite and more.


Magento Integration with Inventory Management Systems

Always ensure your customers have an accurate picture of your stock inventory to avoid disappointments and over-ordering

Allowing customers to order stock that isn't available and underselling stock that you do not have are two majoy operational hazzards of an ecommerce site. B2B and B2C customer demand to know that when they order an item, it will be shipped in the short-term, or at least be notified when an out of stock item is due to be replenished.

These data can easily be imported using automation with . From stock management to forecasting of demand and reordering from suppliers, these and many other common issues can be overcome by simply integrating your Magento store with your Inventory Management system.

Browse below to see what integration Netable has already created for Magento 2 stores and contact us today to speak to someone on how we can help you.


Magento Integration

Netable has integrated Magento store with MYOB Exo, SAP, Microsoft Dynamic NAV, Netsuite, Pronto, Vantage, Apparel21 and; many other CRM and Accounting softwares.

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Magento integration with MYOB Exo

Mos International
Mos International Complete B2B integration with customer group and credit terms.
Keg-king Integration for B2B and B2C marketplace.

Netable’s MYOB Exo Integration extension is a connector that will sync your MYOB Exo data, including orders, stock, inventory, pricing, customers and other business policies with your Magento webstore. We have integrated Magento with MYOB Exo for both B2B and B2C features. Integration will streamline business process and will eliminate data discrepancies and inconsistencies and update in real time, giving you confidence that your customers have access to the latest business-critical data.

MYOB EXO Integration >
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NetSuite Integration with Magento

Haines Education
Haines Education Two way sync for Orders, inventory and customers

NetSuite is a business management software suite offered as a service that performs enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functions. Magento integration with Netsuite ERP includes orders, customers, product price, shipping and inventory.

NetSuite Integration >
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Magento integration with Salesforce

Applied Machinery Australia
Applied Machinery Australia Sync customer and enquiries to assist with sales and customer relationship management.
Festool Sync customer, dealers, leads and bookings to ensure complete marketing automation

Salesforce is a cloud based CRM solution that focuses on Sales, Marketing, Community, and Customer Service and Support teams to collect and process information about prospective and existing customers.

Salesforce Integration >
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Magento integration with SAP ERP

Tooltechnic Systems
Tooltechnic Systems Complex integration to meet business rules and processes.

SAP offers a wide range of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications including customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, human capital management, product lifecycle management, and supply chain management.

Below are few of the integration features

  • Download orders, contacts and quote request from Magento
  • Send products and image to SAP ERP
  • Update Magento stock inventory
SAP Integration >
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Magento integration with Pronto Xi

Meyer Cookware Australia
Meyer Cookware Australia Push orders and customers to Pronto and pull inventory and prices to Magento

Pronto Xi is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite that provides core applications, such as financial accounting and business intelligence, alongside sales and marketing modules, supply chain management and distribution tools and manufacturing and facilities management features within one solution.

Some of the Magento integration features with Pronto Xi included:

  • Sending order from Magento to Pronto
  • Sending customers from Magento to Pronto
  • Pulling inventory stock from Pronto to Magento
  • Pull Tracking number from Pronto to Magento
  • Pull price from Pronto to Magento
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Magento integration with Microsoft Dynamic NAV ERP

ANL Lighting
ANL Lighting Customers, product categories, stock information and image sync to Magento

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a universal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that delivers businesses superior control over their financials, simplifying their supply chain and operations. Netable have developed Magento extension and implemented a complete suite of integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP.

Below are few of the integration features

  • Create and customers and pricing policy by CRON from Microsoft Dynamics Navison
  • Create and update products by CRON from Microsoft Dynamics Navison
  • Create and update products on demand from admin (instantly sync the products from Microsoft Dynamics Navison)
  • Create/Update catalog sales rule from Microsoft Dynamics Navison
  • Download and attach documents to products from OpenKM
  • Create and update categories by CRON from Navison
  • Create and update categories on demand from admin (instantly sync the categories from Microsoft Dynamics Navison)
  • Create and update product images by CRON from OpenKM
  • Create and update product images on demand from admin (instantly sync the required product images)
  • Sync product sort order defined in navison
  • Sync attributes for layered navigation
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Integrate with Vantage ERP

A&D Australsia
A&D Australsia Pull stock inventory and technical data for dealer portal.

Epicor ERP provides functionality for accounting, inventory control, pre-production materials planning and manufacturing execution (MES). Epicor ERP is popular with businesses in the manufacturing industry.

Below are few of the integration features

  • Integration with Epicor Vantage ERP for stock and parts quantity search
  • Categorisation and granular access to technical manuals, brochures and price
  • Dealer login approval, statistics and send notification to dealers
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Magento integration with Cin 7

Techniice Push customers and orders from Magento into Cin 7

Cin7 is popular cloud based inventory management systems. Netable have successfully integrated Magento store with Cin 7.

Below are few of the integration features

  • Download orders & contacts from Magento
  • Send orders, contacts and sales data from Magento to Cin7
  • Update Magento stock inventory
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Magento integration with Apparel 21

Work Armour Solutions
Work Armour Solutions Sync stock inventory and prices into Magento

Apparel21 is the leading ERP provider for the clothing and footwear industry across Australia and New Zealand and together with ForceIT, theRetailScore (tRS) offers an affordable cloud-based data integration and retail intelligence solution.

Below are few of the integration features

  • Pulled products details and SKU from Apparel21
  • Pulled stock inventory from Apparel21
  • Pushed order fulfillment
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Magento integration with Jim 2

Axia Office
Axia Office Sync stock, inventory and prices from Magento. Send order data back to Jim2
DDS Group
DDS Group Pull stock inventory and prices only from Jim2 into Magento

The Jim 2 Business Engine is an integrated on-premise and cloud-based platform for finance, sales, manufacturing and operations.

Below are few of the integration features

  • Pulled stock and inventory to Magento
  • Pulled product details to Magento
  • Pushed order fulfillment to Jim2
Ultimate Business Systems


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Magento integration with Ultimate Business Systems

Axia Office
PageBros RV Update product price and inventory in Magento.

Ultimate Business Systems boast a full complement of business management products including stock management, accounting, payroll, parts and service management modules.

Below are few of the integration features

  • Pulled stock and inventory from UBS
  • Pulled product details and price from USB

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