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The Client

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Haines Educational provides the best, most engaging and innovative science and maths products for students, teachers, lab technicians and parents.

Haines website had become unpredictable over time and the checkout process would hang and user experience was lacking. Haines Educational wanted to integrate orders and customers with NetSuite but never materialised due to constant issues with the existing website. Moreover there was no backup in place and version control of code and deployment were missing.

This was until they found and engaged Netable.

The Work

Netable started with setting up a clean hosting infrastructure with resources completely dedicated to Magento process and performance.

Version control of code as well as tested Magento 2 deployment processes and firewall was put into place for future enhancements and security.

Netable planned monthly activities to improve User Experience over 6-month period. Some of the tasks involved were:

  • Improved category and product navigation with breadcrumb
  • Introduced new value proposition
  • Improved search with auto suggestive features
  • PDF generation of shopping cart order for purpose of printing
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Haines Educational wanted to integrate with NetSuite to streamline their business process and improve customer experience and eliminate error associated with manual labour.

Some of the features of integration with NetSuite involved:

  • Product: New products will be pulled by Magento and kept disabled
  • Pricing Sync: Existing price will be synced from NetSuite
  • Inventory Sync: Inventory will be pulled from NetSuite
  • Customer Sync: New customer will be pushed to NetSuite
  • Order Sync: New orders will be pushed to NetSuite

Some of the additional features of enhancement included:

  • Custom built backend functionality to check and run manual sync
  • Migrated from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with Store based pricing for over 100 stores
  • Generated email report of sync status

The Results

Successful integration of Magento 2.x with NetSuite

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User Experience

Improved sales conversion.

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NetSuite Integration

User centric design reinforcing the brand experience

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Security and Performance

Established higher security and improved performance

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Expert local support and maintenance

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