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Migrating from other platforms to Magento 2

Netable have extensive experience migrating from other open source platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop and Opencart to Magento 2. Magento 2 is designed for serious ecommerce businesses allowing merchants to provide their consumers with omnichannel experience and customer journey.

Compelling reasons to migrate to Magento 2


Magento’s modular architecture allows merchants to extend modules and themes to refine their UX customisation and enhance functional features. They have a life cycle that allows them to be installed, deleted and disabled with minimal dependencies on other modules.


Magento takes security very seriously. Magento’s core developer’s and community regularly release security patches on a high priority bases. Magento 2 allows flexibility to configure webserver for higher security, prevention of cross-site scripting attacks and Two factor authentication (2FA) for admin login.


For complex integration Magento certainly is the marketplace leader. Magento allows complete flexibility to integrate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to improve data visibility and accuracy. Unlike many other SAAS (Software As A Service) eCommerce in the market.


When it comes to scaling performance optimisation to meet your business rule or higher traffic, Magento can be tailored to suit any of your needs. Caching options, Page load time, query processing time and other dynamic operations, Magento is incomparable due to the flexibility it provides.

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Migrating to Magento 2

Your Magento version 1.x store can be upgraded to Magento version 2.x seamlessly by a team of experienced Magento developers. Migrating from Magento version 1 to Magento version 2 is somewhat a natural progression for many Magento 1 merchants as they are accustomed with their existing Magento 1 platform.

As an overall update, here are some of the features that the new M2 site has in store.

Improved performance

M2 sites are 50% faster in page load speed than M1 sites on both catalogue and checkout pages.

Considering that you have only 3 seconds to attract a customer’s attention, speed improvement is a definite plus point. Speed factor also improves organic search ranking and sales conversion.
Source: magento.com

Improved performance

Enhanced security

In Magento 2, the password policy has been strengthened.
Migration SHA256
Magento 2 uses hashing algorithms (SHA-256) for passwords. This has made passwords stronger to the dictionary types of attacks.

The Magento 2 security team has addressed potential vulnerabilities that was associated with Magento 1 and further improvement includes remote code execution, information leakage, cross-site scripting and many others.

Magento now provides optimum server configuration and documentation for M2 site hosting to ensure security and performance are met.


Streamlined checkout

The M1 site had a 6-step checkout. In M2, that has been reduced to just 2 stages.

Customers will first add their email, and if an account with that email already exists on the site, it will simply prompt the user to enter their password. Otherwise, the user can continue with entering the address.

The layout of the checkout is also cleaner, and users get to see each stage as they complete the current one, avoiding the feeling that there is a mile to go before the purchase is completed.


Improved admin user interface

Those who are used to the M1 configuration will take a good nudge to start using M2

It will quickly become apparent that the new Magento admin interface is simpler and faster to get things done.

For example, there are better filters for order, customer and product searching. You can add more column options for these pages, such as displaying payment methods for order, which was not available in M1, or displaying any product attribute in the product catalogue listing page.

User Interface


Engagement from Mobile devices have surpassed visitors from Desktop for certain industries

PWA (Progressive Web Application) is designed to improve engagement for mobile users and to provide users with mobile apps-like experience.

PWA pages load in lightning fast speed providing improved user experience to consumers.

Page Builders

Page Builders enable a non-technical person to create custom design using drag and drop features.

Users can set time and duration for when the banner is going to be active. Page Builders empower merchants to create a meaningful shopping experience.


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