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A robust, loosely coupled and with triggering matrix hosting infrastructure is critical to support your Magento webstore. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive cloud platform. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-national corporation in need of scalable, international cloud hosting for Magento – AWS has a cloud infrastructure to meet all your needs.

AWS Infrastructure

AWS – Secure, Fault Resistant & Scalable Magento Hosting Environment.

Hosting solutions for Magento webstores aren’t a one-size-fits all. The hosting solution will depend on the number of products, traffic volume to the website, extension and integration. It isn’t uncommon for Magento websites to see a spike in traffic when marketing campaigns are live, and a well-built Magento hosting environment must effectively auto-scale to match the demand and increased traffic with adequate resources.

AWS Services

AWS services we use for architecting hosting for Magento sites.

AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps protect Magento site before bad traffic can hit your website. Few of the WAF features include rate limiting, IP blocking Geo location, mitigating SQL injection and common web attacks.


Autoscaling feature allows resources to be scaled up or down automatically using set rules and Cloud metrics threshold


ALB (Application Load Balancer) is the latest in AWS load balancing technology and automatically distributes your incoming traffic across multiple targets or ec2 instances


EFS (Elastic File System) is normally used when deploying load balancer and is especially usefull when two or more targets needs to perform read/write operations. EFS can be mounted to ec2 instances.

Security group

Security group is especially usefull for blocking ports on incoming and outgoing traffic. Ports can be whitelisted based on IP address or CIDR blocks.


AWS Cloudwatch allows notification to be sent or action to be performed when certain threshold is met.


RDS is AWS managed database service and is popular for Magento database. RDS allows single or multiple availability zones and restoration of data to a point in time is a great RDS feature.

Accelerate IP

Accelerated IP allows faster routing of traffic across AWS network than compared to round robin associated with DNS.


AWS allows Redis and Memcached for caching. Redis can be using for caching Magento frontend and memcached for database query.

DB replication

Database replication is part of AWS RDS and allows master and slave replication. DB replication is useful when database access is required for analytical or read only purposes.


Backup is usually stored on AWS S3 Bucket using lambda functions or automation.

S3 Bucket

AWS S3 Bucket is popular features for sharing media, backups and hosting of static content. AWS S3 Bucket lifecycle can be maintained to reduce cost based on user need.


AWS Cloudfront is a popular CDN (Content Delivery Network) and is useful for delivering media and static traffic. Implementing Cloudfront reduces load on the primary server and improve performance.

Route S3

AWS Route 53 is intelligent DNS system and traffic can be routed using weighted, latency and geo location. Route53 is helpful for performing A/B testing.


AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables administrator to manage access to AWS services and resources securely. Roles and Policies can be set to allow granular permission.


Advantages of hosting Magento on AWS

Enhanced availability and scalability

Security, Scalability and Auto scaling policy is what makes Magento hosting attractive on AWS.

During spikes in traffic and depending on Cloudwatch rules set, when a threshold is reached auto scaling policy can start firing multiple servers and scale up the resources to meet the increased traffic. When traffic normalises, these additional EC2 instances can automatically get terminated.

Magento store can be designed to run even in the event of a datacentre failure or region failure.


Performance and Backup

AWS provides various performance optimisation features, the most prominent one being AWS Cloudfront.
AWS Cloudfront

AWS Cloudfront is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service with edge locations around the globe. To improve user experience http and media content can be distributed across multiple edge locations to accelerate delivery. In addition, AWS also offers Memcached and Redi caching to improve database query and webserver optimisation.

Snapshot of an EC2 instance can be made with data backed up on an AWS S3 bucket. AWS S3 allows unlimited data backup and durable storage solutions with 99.99% availability and option of version control can be enabled. Data can be backed up across geographic locations.


Geo Targeted Marketing

AWS is the world leader in cloud technology and supports over 1 million customers in 190 countries.

If you wish to market your Magento website to different regions across the globe, we could utilise AWS infrastructure to effectively market your products. AWS Route53 is an Intelligent DNS service and Magento website can be targeted to various regions using AWS Route53’s weighted, failover, latency and geo targeting features. AWS Route53’s weighted can be applied for beta testing of new features with percentage of traffic distribution.

AWS infrastructure consists of 15 regions with two or more availability zones within each region.


As Magento is an eCommerce CMS that allows online transactions with credit cards, it can become a target of exploitation.

With AWS, we can implement multiple levels of security for your Magento website. Vulnerabilities like Port scanning, DDNS attacks, IP spoofing, Packet sniffing and man in the middle attacks are mitigated at AWS infrastructure level.

Network Access Control List (NACL) allows security to be implemented at Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) level. AWS Security Group allows for firewall rule to be set at EC2 instance and database layers. For implementation of firewall rules at the web application level, AWS WAF rule can be implemented to provide added security with a Magento-specific CMS.


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