Google Speed Optimisation

Supercharge your website with a minimum score of 75/100

Your Visitors live in a fast paced world and demand a fast browsing experience.

Google speed optimisation is becoming increasingly important for improving organic ranking and for increasing sales conversion matrix especially for ecommerce stores. Businesses who do not invest in site performance optimisation run the risk of missing out on a revenue opportunity. A fast loading website will also improve your returns on investments for paid advertisement campaign.

What is required to improve Google speed

Improving website performance will depend on the individual website. Some of the basic elements to take into considerations will include

  • Optimisation of website images
  • Compression technology
  • Browser caching
  • Minification of CSS and java script
  • Hosting and server infrastructure

How can we help?

Netable can supercharge your website, ensuring your visitors never experience frustrating wait times. First, we will perform an intensive review of your website. We look at how your website is developed and where it is hosted, if the images are optimised, and if there is any caching. We also analyse how the scripts are written and clock database queries.

Once we have a good understanding of your website, we then plan, recommend strategies, and take action through executing effective step-by-step implementations.

Our starting benchmark is for your website to score a minimum of 75/100 on the Google speed test.

Jodie Hyde

“ We now have our computers networked this saves us so much time. ”

Jodie Hyde

Managing Partner, Jodek Engineering

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