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Automate & Streamline your Magento store.

Magento 2 SAP Integration

Streamline and automate your business process with our fully managed Magento 2 integration.

SAP Business one is an ERP that integrates all the different modules of a company and allows communication between departments, also helps you better manage everything from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. When connected with Magento you have the ultimate commerce solution. You can eradicate error prone and costly data entry activities from employees integrating Magento with SAP Business One ERP.

It is a solution for organisations to manage their operations through various business functions including Finance, CRM, Process Management, Service Management, Stock Management and Supply Chain.

Netable’s SAP Integration extension with Magento is a direct connector that will sync SAP Business Partners, Stock Item Data, Sales Order and Service Calls into your Magento 2 website, to help you stay in control of your daily operations, while managing the complexities of business growth.

Our extension is suitable for both B2B and B2C sites, and will eliminate data discrepancies and inconsistencies. Automate cron process will update in real-time, giving your and your customers the confidence that they will have access to the latest business critical data.

Start. Integrate. Grow.

Our extension is suitable for SAP Business One users that sell with an advanced eCommerce Magento platform.
SAP Integration

Benefits of Our SAP to Magento Integration

Save time

Save time and money on manual labour cost

Free your resources

Free your resources and focus on high priority tasks

Data entry

Eliminate errors associated with manual data entry

Improve business

Improve business and operation efficiency

Business Intelligence

Get Business Intelligence by sorting data

Better visibility

Better visibility for your customers and your business operations

online product

Accurate online product information

Complete Suite of Magento 2.x integration with SAP Business One

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Integrate your SAP Business One ERP with Magento to increase productivity by syncing inventory, orders and customer data.

Custom integrate to suit your business rules and eliminate errors associated with manual labour.

How does the Magento Extension with SAP Work?

Once installed, you will have to add your SAP business credentials to the module and the connector will start working.

There will be an admin panel from where you can control the modules (stock, customer, orders) that you want to integrate with and setup cron frequencies for your automated syncs. Once synced, products, customers and orders will display SAP IDs to enable you to cross-reference your data. Please note that some features may require customization to work with your specific SAP system.


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